Photo: Buchser De Ja Vu Jazz Band Trumpet Section & Parents - Europe Tour - July 2014

Welcome Parents! Thanks for visiting my site. I've been enjoying teaching each and every one of your kids. Parents are what make it possible for their kids to study with me, so it only makes sense to have a resource page just for parents. Here you'll be able to make payments, request invoices, request a progress report for your child and more. feel free to contact me if you have any suggestions on how i can further enhance this page for you. Thanks!


Beginning January 2015 I will be utilizing invoices for lesson payments. I will mail, email or give parents an invoice for every payment that is due/made. Click the button if you'd like to request an invoice. 

Would you like to know how your child is progressing in lessons? I'd be happy to send you a report of their development. 

Now accepting payment by credit/debit card. Click the link to pay for single or discounted lesson packages.