“Shawn became my daughter’s trumpet teacher a year and a half ago. She had been playing for almost a year at that time. During this time her playing has progressed dramatically. Last year, she auditioned for and was accepted into the California Philharmonic Youth Orchestra where the music ranges from Concertos and Symphonies to Handel’s Messiah to Selections from Harry Potter. In June 2015 she has been asked to accompany the senior CPYO to Spain where they will play concerts in four different cities.
My daughter says that as a teacher, Shawn he is patient and makes it easy to understand how to learn new skills. He has challenged her to learn some pretty elaborate classical music and is teaching her Jazz as well, in addition to providing assistance with middle school band and youth orchestra pieces. Shawn comes to our home for lessons and is always punctual and flexible. He also has some good suggestions for other performing opportunities. We think Shawn in an excellent teacher and would recommend him to anyone who is serious about learning the trumpet.”

 —Dawn Gringorten, Parent


“Shawn has a great way with young horn students - patient and instructive while keeping things fun and challenging too. Our boy has made great progress in his school concert band and in the Peninsula Youth Orchestra. Highly recommended!”

—Michael Medwid, Parent


“Shawn was a really good private lesson for me. When I started in 6th grade, he helped me boost up my tone, articulation, major scales especially, and my range. After awhile playing with him, I improved greatly on my trumpet skills and we did lots of long tones, lip slurs, scales, different warm ups, and styles of teaching which helps on playing trumpet. Shawn also knows how to play jazz very well, so if you want to learn jazz, he is also a good person to choose. With him, got to go into a higher level band AND got to join a jazz band for even better players. If you want to get better at playing trumpet then I HIGHLY recommend him. I am overall very happy of my progress of being a better trumpet player with Shawn.
 —Edward Lu, Student
“Shawn’s a great teacher, very patient and explains very thing. My son has been with Shawn for about a year and looks forward to his trumpet lessons. My son’s trumpet playing has improved greatly and will play him trumpet without ever being asked. 
Shawn teaching skills will help your child’s music reading and timing improve greatly. Shawn doesn’t rush or push your child, he explains everything. My son has learned so much and we owe it to Shawn. His one on one with the student is great. Shawn comes to your house and teaches in the privacy of your own home.”

— John Kenny, Parent


“Studying with Shawn has taken my playing to heights I had not imagined possible. He taught me everything from fundamentals (buzzing, lip flexibility, tonguing, etc) to classical solos and jazz improvisation. Some notable achievements I made during my time of study with Shawn include being accepted into the California All State Honor Band, the Santa Clara County Honor Band, the San Jose Jazz High School All Stars, and the CMEA Bay Section Conference Jazz Ensemble. hawn is definitely punctual and flexible. I would recommend him to anyone looking to become a better trumpet player. From personal experience, I can say he is the best around here!”

— Kentaro Mori, Student


“I can give you my promise that Shawn can teach you to play trumpet, can help you improve your playing, can help you learn to love music the way he does, and utilize your musicality to it’s upmost potential.”

— Sean Mignosa, Student