The Music Department at Milpitas high school works very closely with the administration staff. Various ensembles compete, perform, and involve themselves with interactions at other schools, so we have administration to help coordinate bus rides, scheduling, and fees. The Trojan ensembles are fortunate to travel to many exciting places such as Disneyland, Hawaii, The Reno Jazz Festival, etc. The organization and collaboration with the Milpitas High office staff makes this possible every single year. 



Our music department at Milpitas high school offers state of the line music technology software and computers along with midi-keyboards, speakers, sound systems, audio equipment, headphones, etc. We work closely with the Technology department as they help provide these resources for our music students and are available for any troubleshooting problems that may occur. 



During many sporting events, including Basketball and Football, as well well as school spirit rallies, the Trojan marching and pep band are actively involved in bringing spirit and entertainment during the games. We work with the Sporting staff, organizers and coaches, to determine music that might be most suitable as well as coming up with field shows that would be most fitting during half time breaks. The music dept. and sporting dept. go hand in hand when it comes to building a positive community among our students.